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Supplements that strengthen the immune system

During the colder months of the year, seasonal changes, and during periods of elevated stress, the immune system weakens and the body has more difficulty fighting off infections and diseases. Eating fruits, vegetables, taking probiotics and playing sports helps to strengthen your immune system. However, when good nutrition and sports are not enough, the best way to treat your body is to use natural remedies made with medicinal plants that stimulate the immune system. ESI offers three lines of natural supplements targeted to strengthen the immune system that are designed to treat your specific needs. Immunilflor is ideal for helping the immune system and intestines function properly; ECHINAID is a complete line of immune system boosters that works with two types of Echinacea. It’s able to respond to various physical needs and helps prevent nasty ailments during cold and flu season; Propolaid products, which are made with purified and titrated Propolis, promote the upper respiratory tract and oral health.