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Relieve your constipation with natural extracts

Ten Herbs Line

A line of natural products that help fight constipation

Ten Herbs is a line of natural supplements that help fight constipation. Its original effective formula dates back to 1975. These 100% natural origin products are made up of a mixture of powdered herbs pressed into tablets that help promote bowel function. They are formulated to help stimulate sluggish bowels naturally. They promote intestinal motility, the correct digestion of food and the expulsion of faeces.

10 ingredients that fight constipation and help the well-being of the intestine

The Ten Herbs contain the dry extracts of plants that treat intestinal laziness symptoms most effectively. Cascara, Frangula, Senna, Mallow and Rhubarb promote the regularity of intestinal transit, preserving a high concentration of water in the intestine, stimulating intestinal mobility and the expulsion of faeces. Fennel, Mint, Dandelion, Cinnamon, Lemon balm promote digestive functions. The Ten Herbs are available in different versions to meet different needs: Ten Herbs classic formulation, Ten Herbs with Fibres and Aloe vera; Ten Herbs Extra Strenght and Ten Herbs Colon Cleanse with a concentrated formulation for the well-being of stomach and intestines. They are also available in several formats: tablets, capsules and herbal tea made from selected medicinal herbs.