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Eliminate the discomfort of reflux and poor digestion

DigestivAid Line

Supplements for heartburn and slow digestion 

Stomach acidity and slow digestion are the most annoying consequences of incorrect digestion. To solve digestive problems, ESI offers two remedies that help digestive functions.

Natural solutions for heartburn and slow digestion

DigestivAid No Acid is a food supplement based on fossil coral, a natural source of calcium carbonate that helps lower the level of acidity during digestion and thus avoid the classic annoyances of poor digestion.


DigestivAid Active is a natural supplement that facilitates digestive functions, acting on the walls of the stomach and intestine. Thanks to the emollient and soothing characteristics of Aloe Vera and the anti-nausea properties of ginger, DigestivAid Active is a valid remedy against irritation, nausea and abdominal swelling caused by poor digestion.