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Get the body cleansed with Aloe Vera and Bilberry

Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate with Bilberry

Aloe Vera juice concentrate detox formula

This dietary supplement is a juice concentrate from peeled Aloe Vera leaves  (gel sine cute). A very delicate process removes the outer part of the leaf containing aloin, and the inner gel promotes the body's purifying functions.

Bilberry detoxifies and promotes blood circulation 

Bilberry stimulates microcirculation and counteracts free radicals, among other remarkable benefits it provides to the body. Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate with Bilberry is available in convenient pocket drinks, a new concentrated formula with a high polysaccharide content (13,000 mg/liter). ESI has been the leader of Aloe Vera products since 1997, being the only company that uses declared and certified natural ingredients (polysaccharides minimum 13,000 mg/liter).

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How to use:

1-2 pocket drinks daily after meals, dissolved in 400ml water.

Warnings: Keep out of the reach of children three years of age or under. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Supplements should not be considered a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool and dry place, away from sources of light and heat.

Packaging: Box of 24 pocket drinks

Form: Liquid

Content: 480 ml

Contained units: 20 ml

aloe vera esi forte pocket

Ingredients by daily dose

  • Aloe Vera juice concentrate from gel sine cute37 ml
  • Bilberry juice concentrate120 mg