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Bilberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus) is a plant that belongs to the Ericaceae family. It’s a small shrub that grows to about half a meter high. Its flowers are pendulous and usually solitary, gathered in clusters, with petals welded together in a shape that is common to all Ericacee. Its fruits look like berries. It grows in the woods and moors of foothills and mountains. It’s commonly found in the Alps, but it’s also found in the Abruzzo Apennines. In Nordic tradition, Bilberry was considered good luck (or rather, away from bad luck).  Vaccinium is its scientific name which comes from the Latin word "baccinium" and refers to the berries produced by this shrub. In Roman times, it was used to dye the slaves’ tunics red. Bilberry enhances microcirculation function, therefore, it helps to relieve the feeling of heavy legs. It’s an antioxidant and is great for vision health.