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Supplements of essential vitamins and minerals

Multicomplex Line

Vitamin and Mineral supplements

Vitamins and Minerals are an important part of our diet, essential for  proper physical functioning. When your diet is lacking in sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables, or during intense sports activities or in periods of physical weakness and fatigue, it’s a good idea to take a Multivitamin supplement that contains essential Vitamins, like Vitamins C, B12, D, E, K, and mineral salts that take part in body’s physiological processes like cell regeneration, the maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscles, energy metabolism and the proper functioning of the immune system.

Keep your body strong with multivitamin supplements

ESI has developed a complete line of products for the needs of different people and different ages: adults, seniors, children, and athletes. These products are available in tablets or in sachets. For the deficiencies of mineral salts, ESI offers specific nutritional supplements based on potassium and magnesium that help maintain normal muscle conditions and overall physical function, allowing  to get back in strength and regain the energy you need for daily activities.