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Improve blood circulation and reduce leg swelling

Erbaven Line

Supplements, gels and patches for swollen legs and poor circulation

The Erbaven line includes supplements and gels based on Rutin, Butcher's Broom, Red Vine, Centella and Bilberry that help improve blood circulation, especially in the lower limbs, eliminating the aches and problems typical of swollen legs, such as fatigue, joint pain, swollen ankles and feet.

Natural extracts that improve blood circulation in the legs

Rutin is a flavonoid, useful for body health. Centella improves the functionality of microcirculation, promoting the well-being of the capillaries and the elimination of excess fluids in the legs. Red Vine has an antioxidant function and promotes blood circulation, while Butcher's Broom is very effective against the discomfort of heavy legs. Bilberry brings multiple benefits to the entire cardiovascular and circulatory system, especially promoting microcirculation and strengthening the capillaries.