ESI Quality since 1975

About Us

ESI is a company specialized in producing herbal products, nutraceuticals, dietary and nutritional supplements. It was founded in 1975 by the President of the company, Antonio Maria Galleano.

ESI was initially a brand of proprietary formulas that were imported from Switzerland. Soon after the business was up and running, ESI decided to produce their own products. They created new formulas and products in line with scientific trends and market needs. The company initially operated in Genoa.

However, in 1992 they moved to Albissola Marina near Savona into a larger space that could allow for a bigger production line of their products. The manufacturing plant is about 19,000 square meters, of which 10,000 square meters is used in part for production and the rest for administrative and commercial purposes (which accommodates more than 100 employees).

The company’s production plants are considered to have the highest quality levels on the market.


ESI srl mission is to contribute to the welfare of people with high quality products.



Our goal is to become a key reference in the field of Herbal Medicine and Dietary supplements and to effectively compete in the healthcare market alongside the most notable companies in the world market.



Management at ESI srl has defined the following guidelines for its quality policy:

  • • provide a product / service that meets customer requirements and needs
  • • ensure that all personnel operate according to the procedures provided by the system
  • • pay close attention to the hygiene safety of the product
  • • pay close attention to the safety, motivation and efficiency of staff.

The general strategic objectives under this policy are as follows:

  • • achieve the primary goal of customer satisfaction
  • • consolidate their own image on the market
  • • increase the diffusion of their products

Management defines the quality policy and objectives in a special document attached to the Management Review Report, which reaffirmes the Company’s commitment to meeting the requirements and the continuous improvement of the quality management system’s effectiveness.

Management also intends to pursue a policy of hygiene safety of products. To this end, it has put in place a self-control plan for the prevention of hygiene risks, which represents the means through which the company implements this policy, complying with the legal provisions on safety and hygiene quality of food.

Management undertakes to ensure that the HACCP plan is strictly implemented and documented. All corporate functions and employees involved in various activities for hygiene maintenance and guarantee are required to comply with the requirements of the HACCP plan.

Management defines and assigns appropriate targets to the staff, specifying for each of them the indicator and expected result.

These objectives must be consistent with quality policy and include those that meet the requirements of the products.

The goals must also be measurable and their achievement must be subjected to a monitoring that will be recorded.

When reviewing the system, Management will have to evaluate the targets set and the degree of achievement. It will also have to check that quality policy is always appropriate for the Organization and consistent with its aims.