ESI Quality since 1975


ESI quality is certified by the best certification organizations and by the Ministry of Health. The certifications are as follows:

2017 update of quality system to be in compliance with European regulations ISO 9001:2015.

2009 ESI obtained authorization to market organic products from the CCPB.

2004 ESI obtained product certification for their line of Aloe Vera ESI juices.

2002 update of quality system to be in compliance with European regulations ISO 9001: 2000.

1999 ISO 9001 certification (which allows ESI to provide a high quality production)

1995 the Ministry of Health’s authorization to produce nutritional products and supplements.


CERTIQUALITY is a non-profit organization that is at the service of accredited certification companies that are responsible for certifying quality management systems, environment, safety and products. Certiquality certifies and guarantees the quality of ESI line Aloe Vera juices:
-That are free of pesticide residues and chemical fertilizers
-That contain no less than 7.000 mg / liter of mucopolysaccharides


ESI relies on the collaboration of universities, research institutes and Hospital institutions, both in Italy and abroad, to test the effectiveness and safety of the products. They use the same rigorous approach as the pharmaceutical industry and then apply it to natural products in order to provide the consumers with the best quality possible.


NATURCAPS are plant based capsules which are, in fact, made with cellulose, a natural constituent of plant cell walls. It’s only logical to wrap the beneficial properties of plants and their extracts in a plant-based (and not animal-based) coating. The capsules have been approved by the Vegetarian Society.


Naturcaps retard

ESI slow release formulas allow for gradual use of the nutrients contained within their products. ESI slow release capsules contain 4 small tablets, each different, that gradually release their contents. The 4 small tablets, which may also be gastro resistant, disintegrate at different times and gradually and constantly release the principles contained within, which gives the body enough time to absorb the active ingredients and therefore, offers long-lasting effects (which is called SLOW RELEASE).

Gluten free

In compliance with the increase of celiac disease and gluten intolerances, all ESI® products are declared “gluten-free”. According to the regulation CE / 41/2009 and subsequent CE / 828/2014 ESI® products have a gluten content less than 20 ppm (0.002%) and they are therefore suitable for celiacs. The absence of gluten is clearly indicated on the packaging of ESI® products with an easily recognizable symbol.


To complete the information concerning ESI® products, the consumer will find on the packaging a small symbol indicating whether the product is suitable for vegetarians and / or vegans based on the origin of the raw materials.