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Rigenforte Line

Product line with hair loss action, for stronger hair

The trichological line Rigenforte offers innovative hair loss products with unique formulations based on Biotinax: a patented formula consisting of biotin, methionine and cystine. They are the ideal solution to combat baldness, dandruff and hair damage. The line consists of products for local use, like shampoo, lotion and conditioner rich in nourishing and strengthening ingredients for healthy hair. For oral use, the Naturcaps contain amino acids, vitamins, minerals, biotin and zinc, that help to maintain normal hair.

In addition to Biotinax, the Rigenforte products also contain plant stem cells, very rich in active substances that promote cellular vitality and healthy follicles and scalp, and Capixyl, a mixture consisting of Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and extract of clover.


Biotinax: a natural booster against hair loss


Biotinax is a compound patented by ESI, which combines the benefits of Biotin with those of Methionine and Cystine, two amino acids capable of strengthening the keratin structure of the hair and making it more resistant against tearing and injury. Biotin balances the sebum production of the skin and scalp. In addition, it has a positive effect on the regeneration of skin and hair, stimulating regrowth and counteracting baldness and seasonal hair loss.

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