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A natural system for weight control

esi•fit Line

Weight Problems? esi•fit: natural supplements for weight control, combined with physical activity

Discover esi•fit, the new line of natural supplements for weight control.

ESI has developed an integrated system of natural products, based on plant extracts, with the sole aim of performing an effective action to maintain and balance body weight.

esi•fit "Weight Control System" was designed for all the different needs of people who not only intend to control and reduce their body weight, but also seek natural solutions to activate the metabolism, balance the absorption of fat, reduce the sense of hunger, promote the drainage of excess fluids and the detoxification of the body.


Natural ABCD to control body weight

The first 4 letters of the alphabet for a range of natural supplements that act synergistically to manage and reduce overweight, in combination with regular physical and sport activity.

  1. Active: to activate slow metabolism, whenever it is difficult to burn calories
  2. Balance: to regulate a high nutrient intake
  3. Control: to reduce and regulate the sense of hunger and appetite
  4. Drain: to stimulate diuresis, when overweight is not only due to fat but to excess fluids; Detoxify: to detox your body.

A line of 8 products, each with specific features to better face the origin of the problem and complete when used in combination, plus 2 protein bars with fiber, 100% vegetable.


esi•fit weight control products help Activate the metabolism, Balance the absorption of nutrients, Control hunger, Drain excess fluids and Detoxify, while reducing cellulite blemishes and fighting free radicals.

The natural supplements for weight control of the esi•fit line - if combined with a correct diet that never excludes breakfast, does not include skipping meals or undernourishment, and on the contrary provides constantly for proteins and complex carbohydrates, lots of vegetables, dietary fibre and above all is always associated with regular physical activity (10-15 minutes of gentle exercise in the morning as soon as you wake up, at least 1 hour walk three times a week) - are the best ally to regain shape and control body weight.