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A natural system for weight control

esi•fit Line

Weight Problems? esi•fit: natural supplements for weight control, combined with physical activity

Discover esi-fit, a line of natural supplements for weight control designed to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

esi-fit "Weight Control System" combines the effective properties of different plant extracts to maintain a balanced body weight, thus providing an all-round solution to people who seek natural ways to activate metabolism, balance fat absorption, control appetite, drain excess fluids, detoxify the body.

Let’s start with the ABCD to keep body weight under control

The first letters of the alphabet mark the starting point of a synergetic action which aims at managing and reducing overweight, when combined with regular physical activity and exercise.

A Activates slow metabolism when you have difficulty burning calories

B Balances and regulates nutrient absorption after a heavy meal

C Controls, reduces and regulates appetite

D Drains and Detoxifies the body supporting its functions and stimulating diuresis.


Discover the esi•fit product line

It is a complete line of 7 supplements and 2 fully plant-based protein bars, rich in fibre. All the products are made with carefully selected ingredients and effective formulations which help you improve physical performance, stay healthy and feel your best. They are the most effective when combined.