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Products for urinary tract health

Discover ESI's full range of natural products and supplements for urinary tract health. You can choose from a wide selection of natural remedies for urinary tract problems. These include cranberry-based products to support urinary tract functions, products that help drain excess fluids and herbal extracts to support prostate functions.

The urogenital system plays a key role in body functions: the kidneys, urethra, bladder and genital organs remove most toxins from the body. To prevent infections and inflammations to these organs, it is good to promote the natural diuretic process and counteract water retention in the tissues.

When urinary tract disorders occur, you can benefit from ESI dietary supplements: they contain plants that help the body eliminate uric acid, toxins and excess fluids.

Cranberry Cyst contains cranberries, whose diuretic and detoxifying properties favor the physiological functions of the urinary tract. Prosterbe, on the other hand, is great for prostate health: it is a natural product aimed at protecting the male urogenital tract. Magnesium, Potassium and natural extracts (e.g. Birch, Pilosella, Golden Rod and Horsetail) are the natural ingredients of the Diurerbe line, that promotes the elimination of excess fluid with natural diuretic and draining supplements.