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Serenesi Line

Food supplements for physical and mental fatigue

Discover Serenesi, the new line of food supplements for physical and mental fatigue based on plant extracts that favour mental well-being, serenity, physical and mental relaxation. It consists of 5 specific products that help address and fight individual problems due to anxiety and difficulties in daily life that can encourage the onset of stress and worries.


The well-being of our body depends on different factors, among which adequate physical activity, proper nutrition, the ability to deal with stressful situations without being overwhelmed, the possibility of a healthy night's rest.


ESI has developed an integrated system of natural products, based on plant extracts, with the sole aim of achieving an effective physical and mental relaxation. The products of the Serenesi line - natural remedies against anxiety and stress - are specifically designed for the different needs resulting from periods of particular physical and mental fatigue, which can generate a state of anxiety, mild depression, mood disorders, and can negatively affect sleep regularity.


Tonic-adaptogenic supplements: mood stabilizing natural remedies

The natural ingredients of the Serenesi line of tonic-adaptogenic supplements are capable of performing a number of effective actions, for example in the treatment of moderate or mild depressive syndrome, exerting a positive effect on mood; food supplements for physical and mental relaxation help maintain physical and mental skills, reducing states of agitation, tension and emotional instability. In addition, ingredients like lavender and hops have a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system that help regulate sleep and mood, while magnesium and melatonin help reduce the time needed to fall asleep and relieve the effects of jet lag.