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Depurerbe Line

Food supplements that help the liver and detoxify your body

Depurerbe ESI is a range of natural supplements for liver health. The ingredients used in the Depurerbe range (milk thistle, dandelion and artichoke plant extracts) are precious natural remedies that promote physiological liver function and body’s detoxification.

You can try Depurerbe drink, a supplement for liver well-being that stimulates liver activity and eliminates toxins from the body. Another option is Depurerbe oval tablets, a depurative supplement that helps the liver with the proper metabolism of nutrients.

The benefits of herbs and natural extracts to cleanse the liver and detoxify the body

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body: metabolic functions, glucose and triglycerides production, elimination of harmful substances, and other vital body functions depend on it.

All the supplements in the Depurerbe range are a valuable support and an effective natural remedy for the well-being of the liver, the health of the body and the correct metabolism of nutrients since they help eliminate excess fluid and fight water retention.

Artichoke has many beneficial properties. It aids the digestion and absorption of food, promotes fat metabolism and stimulates the liver to eliminate toxins. Dandelion helps with bowel regularity, stimulating the elimination of waste and excess fluid. Milk Thistle supports liver function and the body's elimination processes.