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Boost your immune defense with natural supplements

Immunilflor Line

Natural supplements for the immune system

Explore ESI Immunilflor product line, which offers a variety of natural supplements to boost the immune system. These supplements are made from all-natural ingredients that enhance the body's immune defense against pathogens such as germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Enhance your immune response with four 100% natural ingredients!

ESI Immunilflor line offers natural supplements to strengthen the immune system. The products contain plant extracts such as Echinacea and Uncaria, as well as Vitamin C and Zinc. These components work together to improve the body's immune response and help combat seasonal illnesses. In fact, Immunilflor natural immune system supplements are especially beneficial during autumn and winter, they are all-natural, suitable for all ages and they boost the immune system effectively.

A variety of natural supplements are available to support your immune system, each of them containing a balanced blend of natural components that work together to promote normal immune functions.

The products are available in three different formats: naturcaps (vegetable capsules made from cellulose and free from artificial colorings), handy pocket drinks and mini drinks with a dispenser cap.

ESI Immunilflor Immune System Supplements contain natural ingredients such as Echinacea, Uncaria, Vitamin C and Zinc, as well as Vitamin D, Manuka Honey, Lactoferrin, and tyndallized cultures.

You can choose from a range of Immunilflor products to suit your needs, including Immunilflor Shock Action, Immunilflor Naturcaps, Immunilflor Lactoferrin, Immunilflor Pocket Drink, and Immunilflor Mini Drink.

The ESI Immunilflor line includes Immunilflor Syrup Junior, a syrup for children aged 3 to 8 years. It contains Echinacea, Propolis, Acerola, and Manuka Honey, which promote natural organic defense.