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Eliminate toxins and detoxify your body with a natural product

Depurerbe tablets

Detoxifying supplement for the physiological liver function

Depurerbe tablets is a supplement that stimulates the activity of the liver. It contains plant extracts of artichoke, milk thistle and dandelion that help eliminate toxins from the liver and detox the body. It is an ideal product to help the correct metabolism of nutrients and stimulate diuresis.

Purify the liver with natural plant extracts!

Depurerbe is available in handy tablets. In addition to the typical diuretic and detox properties of Milk Thistle, Artichoke and Dandelion, the product is enriched with Vitamin B6, Methionine, Inositol and Choline which contribute even more effectively to the maintenance of normal liver function.




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How to use:

Take 2 tablets a day with plenty of water. 

Warnings: Keep out of the reach of children three years of age or under. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Supplements should not be considered a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Packaging: Box of 45 tablets

Form: Coated tablets

Weight: 36 g

Weight unit: 800 mg

integratore alimentare per funzionalità epatica

Ingredients by daily dose

  • Artichoke leaf powder 400 mg
  • Choline bitartrate200 mg
  • Milk thistle dry extract tit. 2%160 mg
  • L-Methionine80 mg
  • Inositol80 mg
  • Dandelion dry extract tit. 2%60 mg
  • Vitamin B62 mg