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Relieve your constipation with selected herbs

Ten Herbs Fiber

Natural food supplement that helps promote intestinal regularity

Ten Herbs Fiber is a food supplement, 100% natural origin, consisting of a mixture of powdered herbs and Psyllium that help promote intestinal function, the correct digestion of food and the expulsion of faeces.

The ingredients that fight lazy bowels and help good digestion

The mucilages contained in the seeds of Plantago ovata (Psyllium) have the capacity to absorb water, increasing their volume up to 25 times. This feature can be used to increase the volume of faeces and promote evacuation. These mucilages exert a good emollient action too. The combination of the ingredients of Ten Herbs and the fibre of Psyllium offers the most complete laxative product, with 2 actions: stimulates evacuation favouring peristalsis and, by recalling water, softens the faeces, making expulsion less traumatic. In handy Naturcaps: consisting of a vegetable fibre obtained from the fermentation of tapioca, therefore completely natural and free of artificial colourings, easy to digest.

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How to use:

1-2 naturcaps in the evening, with plenty of water (150 ml min.).

Warnings: Keep out of the reach of children three years of age or under. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Supplements should not be considered a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not administer under the age of 12. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant and breastfeeding. Do not use for prolonged periods without consulting your doctor.

Packaging: bottle of 60 naturcaps

Form: naturcaps

Weight: 39 g

Weight unit: 650 mg

Ingredients by daily dose

  • Cascara sagrada bark301.5 mg
  • Buckthorn bark207 mg
  • Senna fruit108 mg
  • Senna leaf90 mg
  • Mallow leaf63 mg
  • Fennel fruits45 mg
  • Rhubarb root/rhyzomes45 mg
  • Mint leaf27 mg
  • Dandelion root20 mg
  • Lemon Balm leaf9 mg
  • Cinnamon9 mg
  • Psyllium cuticle of seeds 90% fibre400 mg