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Tusserbe Junior

Food supplement based on Grindelia, Pine, Plantain and Iceland Moss, with Propolis and Manuka Honey. The extracts of Grindelia, Iceland Moss and Plantain have an emollient and soothing effect on the oropharyngeal mucosa and the tone of the voice. Grindelia and Pine also have a balsamic effect. Moss also promotes the fluidity of bronchial secretions. Manuka Honey, originally from New Zealand, has been used for centuries by the Maori for its beneficial properties. Strawberry flavor, to make it appealing to the youngest.

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How to use:

Children 3-8 years: 5-10 ml a day, plain or diluted in little water.

Children over 8 years: 10-15 ml a day, plain or diluted in little water.

Warnings: Keep out of the reach of children under the age of three. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Supplements should not substitute a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Excessive consumption may produce a laxative effect.

Packaging: Boxed bottle

Form: Liquid

Content: 180 ml

Sciroppo contro la tosse per bambini Tusserbe Junior ESI

Ingredients by daily dose

  • Manuka Honey833,3 mg
  • Grindelia fluid extract150,0 mg
  • Pine fluid extract30,0 mg
  • Iceland moss fluid extract75,0 mg
  • Propolis dry extract tit 12%75,0 mg
  • Plantain fluid extract75,0 mg