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Natural remedies for mosquito and insert bites

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How to ward off insects and relieve itching and irritation caused by bites and stings

With summer here, your chances of getting bit or stung by insects increase. Mosquitoes bites and other pesky insects cause hives and swelling skin around the affected the area which itches or burns.

Swelling is caused by saliva from an insect bite or a sting, especially when it comes to mosquitos, the saliva acts as an anticoagulant which favors bleeding and causes the affected area to itch. Heat, humidity and the darker colors attract more insects and therefore, increase a person’s chance of being bitten. Additionally, insects antennas are attracted to certain odors or sweat. If you avoid foods that make your sweat more acidic (such as high protein foods, foods that are high in sugar and alcoholic beverages) mosquitos will be less attracted to you.

Natural remedies that help you treat mosquito bites

There are two natural remedies that treat mosquito bites: avoid getting bitten in first place (so use a natural repellent) and the remedies to ease irritation after being bitten. Avoiding setting bit is considered preventative, and treating bites is considered a soothing remedy.


Preventive remedies

There are sticks, essential oils, and bracelets that cover up a person’s skin scent and emit substances that are irritating to mosquitos. This method is very effective; humans don’t have any side effects from these products and they’re non-toxic to insects. They’re simply annoyed by the smell of these products and leave. Lavender, tea tree oil, geranium extracts and citronella are the most effective. You can also plant herbs (such as basil) on the balcony because they naturally repel mosquitos.

Soothing remedies that relieve itching and burning

Essential oils are also an excellent way to relieve burning and itching caused by bites and stings. Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel are particularly effective, they decrease swelling and the risk of infection. Not only can you relieve pain within minutes by massaging aloe vera gel into the affected area, but you can also get rid of possible infections and marks.

For those who are more apt to be allergic or those with sensitive skin

The level of itchiness that a person feels varies depending on how a person’s body reacts to the bite or sting.  Most sensitive people, especially children, can suddenly have an allergic reaction, and how much of a reaction varies from person to person. A person can suffer from an anaphylactic shock if the allergy reaction is severe enough. In these cases, that person must be taken immediately to emergency care in order to avoid serious problems. 

Here’s an interesting fact

Do you know how to keep mosquitoes away? Eat a plate of spaghetti with garlic, oil and spicy pepper. Spicy peppers are rich in vitamin B and C, and when you sweat, you release scents that are extremely displeasing to insects.


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