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Sustainability is by definition “the right to live, produce and consume freely without compromising the right of future generations to live, consume and produce in the same way.”

ESI® has incorporated this idea and has decided to take an active role, addressed to safeguarding the environment and reducing the use of polluting materials like plastic.

Changing procedures and habits is a very long and sometimes complex process for all of us, both in private and in company’s life.

The path of ESI® towards sustainability involves many steps: some have already been taken, many others are still undone.

Some examples, from small to bigger things:

elimination of plastic cups and spoons;

elimination of plastic coffee pods;

elimination of plastic water bottles;

use of FSC® paper and cardboard;

reduction of laminated paper in promotional material;

totally computerized management of purchase orders, with a considerable saving of paper;

use, in manufacturing processes, of certified energy from 100% renewable source;

replacement of inflatable bags with paper material in the packages;

replacement of plastic adhesive tape with paper tape to seal the packages;

gradual replacement of internal combustion engine cars with hybrid cars

With everyone’s help, it will be a road full of satisfaction!